Develop a Fitness Mindset and Become Unstoppable!

This is the first ever guest post on Expand Beyond Yourself! Enjoy this very comprehensive post of Anita from Fit Solutions for Life!

Fitness Mindset

How many times have you started a fitness program in order to lose weight and get in shape, only to abandon your efforts in a few weeks or after only a few days?

How many times have you lost weight on a quick weight loss diet, only to find that once you started eating normally you put the weight (and probably a few extra pounds) back on?

Although there are many reasons this may have happened, the major component missing from your efforts is the development of a “fitness mindset”.

A fitness mindset will keep you moving forward and making progress in your efforts to lose weight and get in shape, even when you make mistakes or encounter obstacles.


In order to develop a fitness mindset one of the first things you have to understand is that whatever physical shape you are in today, it is the result of thousands of habitual actions performed throughout your life. Continue reading

Money Mindset: Can Just $60 Transform It?

Money mindset changed by $60
On Wednesday the 10th of September, my wife’s salary was transferred to our bank account. In the first 9 months of 2015, we earned more than in the whole 2014. To be accurate 6.6% more.

I attribute it all to the 60 dollars I saved in September 2012.

I bet you are a bit disoriented by that statement. I am still a bit stunned by how just 60 dollars could multiply into thousands of dollars.
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There Is Nothing Wrong with the World

Nothing wrong with the world
A few weeks ago, I read an outstanding book: How to Find Peace. Peace is definitely something I’m still looking for. If you are curious, I wrote a review about it in another post. In short, the author claims that all turmoil comes from inside of us. In order to take advantage of this philosophy, you need to accept everything that happens in your life.


Not so easy, is it?

Well, it dawned on me this very morning: it’s easy. You need just a bit (in my case, a couple of years) of training in changing what’s wrong with your perspective.
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Your Mindset and The Art of Persistence

The Art of Persistence
All of those “tools” I mentioned here and here are fine and can do the miracles with your consistency, but they won’t help much if your personal philosophy is wrong. What is personal philosophy?

“A system a person forms for conduct of life.”

You live, so it’s an axiom that you have some system for conduct of life. Your personal philosophy determines absolutely every output in your life. It directs all your actions. Part of it is your overall attitude towards consistency. It undoubtly affects your ability to stick with a long-term task or habit.

If your personal philosophy is messy, you need to adjust it before you attempt any consistent activity. If consistency is not something worthy in your worldview, then all such attempts are doomed for failure. The best techniques and tricks are not going to help you if your self-talk sabotages your consistency.

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Elusive Success

A few days ago I’ve received another message from my publisher, that the launch of my latest book will be further postponed; maybe even as long as 4 more weeks.
I know that some of you are waiting for it, so today I reveal the first chapter of the “Trickle Down Mindset”:

“There are no stereotypes for success.” ― Jim Rohn

The philosopher’s stone is a legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals such as lead into gold, and to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and achievement of immortality. For centuries, it was the most sought after goal in alchemy, symbolizing perfection, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss.

And I found it.
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Free Personal Development

free personal development
I always find the idea of spending money in order to make you rich a little bizarre. Books, audio programs, seminars and courses can cost you a fortune. There is a whole ‘personal development industry’, and maybe it is doing a good job—I am curious about your experiences in that matter. Please comment if you wasted your money or got tenfold, hundredfold return on such investments. Detailed life examples are welcome!

No motivational program can motivate you if you won’t motivate yourself. It is your actions that will change your life, not anybody else’s actions, advice or good intentions.

According to 80/20 rule, 80% of success is depending on you, it isn’t sensible to allocate 80% of your budget to a 20% factor of training materials.

My experience was that I had attended events, read books, listened to tapes and nothing significant happened, and it made me suspicious about the results of any paid programs. It also made me close-minded. I was looking for ulterior motives first and then for some useful knowledge.
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Why Info Products Fail to Deliver

Info Products Fail
You don’t need ready formulas, quick fixes, out-of-the-box programs to fix you or fix your life. Well, you may be in need, but they won’t help you. They work only for those who really follow their instructions both in the letter and in spirit. For those who do the job. But the willingness to do the job comes from within. From your personal philosophy. If your philosophy is not compatible with the program, you will abandon it sooner or later.

Anyone who claims otherwise is stupid or greedy. Stupid, if he thinks that can impose his concept on you no matter your personal situation. Greedy, if he doesn’t care much about your results and is focused solely on convincing you, that his magic pill will solve all of your problems.

Ideal get rich quick program

At the beginning of 2014 I joined the program for Kindle publishers. Its core idea was to find hot trends on Amazon, outsource the book writing and produce as many as possible as quickly as possible. The readers get a passable book on the interesting topics and because there are hundreds of thousands people in the target audience the pseudo books get some sales. Even one copy a day adds up to about $60 a month. Multiplied by 10 or 100 books it creates a nice stream of income.
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Personal Philosophy: The Missing Element of Personal Development

Personal Philosophy
I’m a student of personal development. And I know it gives results. It can realize your dreams. I experienced its power firsthand. I’m not some freak of nature; many people have similar experiences including today’s icons of personal development – Brain Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Bernard Burchard.

But looking around you can see that personal development doesn’t seem to be the answer for the most folks. Every year there are millions of new PD books copies sold, millions of podcasts episodes are downloaded and listened to, hundreds of thousands people attends to seminars, the circulation of Success magazine is half a million.

But we heard only about hundreds, several thousand at most, success stories.

The method which brought fame and fortune to some seems to be completely useless or of limited functionality to the rest. There is some missing element in this puzzle.

I grasped this dissonance almost as soon as I returned to personal development study. I came back to it after 16 years. I have extended experience of personal development which didn’t work.
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My 4 Pillars to Staying Consistent

Staying consistent
Recently my friend asked me the question in FB group:

“I begin to wonder how does Michal uphold his consistency … or don’t you have troubled moments at all, troubling enough to throw you off-balance for even a day?”

Consistency is the key to developing and sustaining habits. I would have chosen it over qualities like courage, grit or ability to focus, because without consistency they are not of much worth.

Let me present my four pillars to staying consistent:
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