Early to Rise. The Importance of a Morning Routine.

Parenting is the most rewarding experience you can have. Yesterday evening, my son asked me, “Dad, please wake me up early tomorrow.”

“What for?” I asked.

“So I can do my duties earlier in the day and then I will be allowed to play outside with my friends,” he replied.

Oh, boy! What responsibility! What an adult attitude! I was so proud of him.

Actually, he woke up on his own this morning. I swelled with pride.

The best part of it?

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Parenting School-Age Children. Tiny Steps and Great Results.

Every sustained action brings results.

It is so simple, yet so true. My mind could easily encompass this rule in application to fitness. As long as I do push-ups or any other exercise regularly, my body is getting stronger. Another glanceable application which easily came to my mind was studying.

Reading The Slight Edge, those two examples readily appeared when I pondered about my past and I was looking for confirmation of this philosophy in my life.

But it goes far, far ahead than just mind and body.

The keyword is “every”

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