Goals for 2017

Goals 2017Goals. Once again. *sigh*
Check out my first goal-post from 2014 to see what I feel about goal setting. Ambivalence is a mild word.

In the last post, I revealed how well—or not, I achieved my goals in 2016. As usual, when it comes to me and my goals, it wasn’t a pretty picture.

My goals for 2017 are almost a direct response to what happened in 2016.
This time I won’t make a difference between personal and business goals. As my coach likes to say, it’s never “just a business”. But this time I’ll do something different: I’ll prioritize my goals. This time numbers are not just for order, they mean what they mean. First thing first, so the first goal is…

1. Prayer.

“When God is at first place, everything falls into right place”. I want to put God first in my life, because I really want everything right. In the last few years I pursued personal development and success a lot and came dangerously close to a place where I would have breached my values. This is not the way I want to live my life. I don’t want to notice in ten years form now that I put my ladder against the wrong wall.

So, this year my #1 goal is prayer.
I won’t brag how much I pray on a daily basis. It’s enough that I know my prayers. Many would say I pray too much, but I know it’s doable with my lifestyle.

My measurable goal for prayer this year is to say them all every single day. I’m writing this post in the morning of the 10th of January, but I didn’t need this post to start me off. I’ve already begun. For the first nine days of 2017, I’ve put prayer first. This action has reminded me that it’s not so hard, I just need to prioritize this goal.

2. Quality time with my family.

I go directly back to my resolution from the last year. My wife may be wary of the word ‘date’, but I don’t need to call our time together a date. I just need to ensure I prioritize it.

I need also to communicate to my children that I want to spend time with them, maybe even reserve time for that in their calendars.

And, whatever happens, I need to track this goal. Quitting my tracking was my biggest pitfall in 2016.
My measurable goal is to spend at least an hour of quality time with each of them every week.

3. Growing my email list.

I still need those 10,000 folks opening and reading my emails. I have about 400 of them now.

Last year, I figured out how to rapidly grow my email list. Now I need to implement that knowledge. The basic idea is to feature one of my books on InstaFreebie at least once a month. If necessary, I’ll organize relevant book events. I know how much hard work that is as I’ve done it in the past, but it’s worth it.

I will also look for more similar platforms, where I could upload my books and get subscribers in exchange. One new platform a month is a good idea as well.

A contributing effort to growing my list will be to keep publishing answers on Quora. Quora traffic is high quality. It was my 2nd source of subscribers in 2016 after InstaFreebie giveaways. And I like writing for that crowd. I put this only as a reminder, because I publish on Quora fairly consistently; this has become one of my daily habits.

4. Digital coaching.

I’m a coach on Coach.me and with zero effort on my own I have got several clients there. This is more a reliable source of income than a way to increase book sales. However, one client is roughly 1% of my day job’s salary. So I need only 100 of them. 😉

I have taken the necessary steps to be certified as a digital coach and I’ll be keeping on it till I obtain the certificate. The qualification should elevate my profile on the Coach.me platform enough to get a steady trickle of new clients.

Otherwise, I will have to figure out how to get new clients. If I bring my own clients to the platform, it’s more profitable as well.

5. Contributing.

I have already published my writing in many magazines, and on blogs and platforms. I’ve also given more than a dozen podcast interviews. I need to make this activity more consistent. I’ve already promised one magazine that I will contribute a new article every month.

Quora also opened my eyes to repurposing my content. I started to republish my answers on Medium and after almost half a year of publishing an article a day, I’m finally gaining some traction there.

I also became a contributor to a new platform -XGen- and I can repurpose my content there as well.

Plus, I made a deal with my sons and they are doing some paid work for me. For example, transferring Quora answers to Medium is my eldest son’s job. Thanks to their help I have more flexibility in sharing my content.
I only need to figure out once how to publish on a new platform and train them.

6. Publishing.

This last is more a philosophical viewpoint than a goal. However, if all goes well, I will have more things to tick in the ‘achieved’ column come year end, so I am recording my thoughts on Publishing in this goals statement.

I have two books all-but finished, that have been in the almost-ready state for over a year.
Last year, I put publishing on hold, because it was costing me too much emotionally, in time and money. Well, money started flowing, so I am reconsidering that decision.

If I find the time and if this goal will not endanger in any way goals #1 and #2, I would like to publish those books.
If Amazon ads continue to bear fruit like they are now, I can stop worrying about whether my books will sell. Directed by Purpose, my latest book, published in September 2016, had a very meager launch, but it’s one of my top sellers at the moment, despite that.

There you are: my goals for 2017. I still feel I have too many. But I have renewed purpose and direction, derived from the lessons of 2016. I fully expect to do better this year.
I hope you have a great 2017 too.
What are your goals for this year? How can I help you to achieve them?