One day I was going to work by train. I heard a lady talking quite loudly on her cell-phone.
She was complaining to relative that her teenage son plays computer games too much and slacks in his school work.
I had similar problem with my son. I managed, more or less, to handle it.

And I had a solution for her from my experience. My answer wasn’t complicated or 100% effect guaranteed, but fast.

$1 advice.

But I didn’t share it. I’m too shy to talk to strangers. She was continuing her call and a train was stopping at my station.
It was pure chance I saw her and heard about her problem. I don’t usually commute by that train. Probably I won’t see her again.

A devotion to my fears won over an urge to share simple, meaningful advice. And that hurts.

And now I have this website and can share my small pieces of advice. I included a good part of my life experience here. Every tip and piece of advice has been tested on myself. You can browse, read and use them at will.

I hope I’ll help this time.

Yours truly,

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  1. This is a beautiful idea Michal…..

  2. Ismail

    wow’this is awesome….

  3. Thank you for the info, much appreciated !

  4. I’m taking up your tip to comment. Re: speed reading. I was a speed reader, but I have found it useful to slow down and make certain I really understand what I have read. I also look up more words.

    • admin

      Thanks for stopping by Susan. You actually take action based on my tip, I’m stoked!
      Learning new words is one of the techniques my speed reading textbook recommends. The richer your vocabulary, the better comprehension, thus greater speed.

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